FrootVPN launched its newest Canadian Servers

We at Frootvpn are proudly announcing that our newest Canadian servers are now available today (February 1st). The said servers happens to be an additional selection on our current servers and most especially as a treat to our loyal users who are continuously supporting our VPN service.

As the date lies today, these Canadian servers are now officially available at 08:00 UTC today. Its existence is something that everyone must look forward to because this additional servers are considered as one of our strategy in achieving our ultimate goal to give the best secured VPN service ever.
More Importantly, It is very suitable for OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP that is clearly determined as an additional chance in maintaining a secure anonymous web surfing.

This servers will surely add a very significant convenience for our users as it becomes an additional variation to our US server that is only applicable for L2TP and PPTP for now. It’s a good thing we will be also offering an OpenVPN protocol for US that will be available this coming March.

We’re continuously working hard to give the best VPN service to all of our users, this server is one of our sincere intentions in providing a satisfying service to our valued users. That’s why, we are encouraging all of our users to be continuously updated with all of our future improvements in order to have an anonymous web surf and most especially to ensure a full privacy while connected to the internet.

Truly this servers is offering an opportunity to surf web anonymously, so you better purchase a package to experience this much awaited Canadian server.