BYOD Environment: Ways of ensuring VPN Security

Some establishments and companies are having a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy on their offices with different reasons for it. Although we can say that this one is all about reducing costs or just simply they want their employees to finish some works at their personal devices while away, these things has a lower data and information security. It is also recommended to use the best vpn service provider to protect the company for data loss and identity theft.

There are news about BYOD is going to evolve this 2016 but the first thing to consider should be the security of every information that every employee may handle with the devices that they own. Just as simple as this thought, if there will be more devices that can access the company’s data there will be lower security on it. Whenever a person is at home, sometimes their family member can accidentally access to that data and transmit it to different networks of people who will be interested to do crimes. This news is spreading and will be prominent this 2016 but not all people will agree with this especially those who know everything about the importance of internet security and online privacy. The use of best vpn is not enough if they go BYOD. It is limited and they are letting their information at risk.

The use of a vpn service is one of the way which huge companies can communicate with their remote offices. While it is happening some of them doesn’t even think how they are putting their organization’s’ data and information in danger because of employees who can access it easily from their own devices and spread it all over.

APAC Director, Amit Rao of NETSCOUT’s Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions already explained that the use of these inexpensive vpns is not an alternative factor for business use. Remote workers who are allowed to access their corporate data and information may lead to Internet security issues.

We gathered some ideas on how people can ensure vpn security. Keep on reading to find out.

  • Secure wireless network.
  • Verify the employee’s computers before connecting to a vpn service to ensure safety.
  • Everyone must provide a strong antivirus, antispam and personal firewall protection to all employees and the company should require for them to use it.
  • Everyone should follow the rules of implementation of strong password policy and change it within specific time.
  • Strongest possible authentication method for VPN access should be used
  • The use of other vpn service provider and other remote software must be forbidden while connected to the organization’s vpn.

As technology rise and new policies are implemented in different organizations, it is best to stay secured and protected. No matter what happens, keeping your online privacy is the main focus why vpn services was discovered. With the proper use and implementation, your organization’s information will stay worry-free from online crimes and abuse. If you want to stick to the traditional way, then the lower risk of data loss for your company. FrootVPN offers as low as $4 a month and you can try it for 30 days. Just in case you will like our service, you are free to upgrade for our three and twelve months subscription.