10 Useful tips to protect your Smartphones from Malware

Smartphones are considered to be very handy. It can also make your life very convenient but would be risky to use because of some malware threats that can easily monitor your devices’ banking transactions and can also be a way to gather sensitive details like passwords and account numbers.

Malware refers to software programs designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system. It includes Viruses such as worms, trojan horses, and spyware that can be a good entry point for personal information.

One common type of this malware is causing a device to send out SMSes to a premium-rate numbers that will cost charges to the user’s account. Its main purpose is to generate income for cybercriminals.

This Malware is suggesting a clear risk in fraud most especially to the mobile users, that is why we must always be careful in using our phones. It will also be very helpful to follow this 10 useful tips that can prevent your Smartphones from Malware

1. Download applications coming from reputable sites recommended by your operating system provider.

Those applications or games downloaded from third-party stores or websites is considered to be malicious.

2. Install mobile security applications.

These free Antivirus will scan your device as well as your applications then will be reporting any malicious or suspicious threat on your device.

3. Use a personal Firewall.

This Firewall will be disabling all ports and will just open the port that is being used.

4. Make sure that you have the latest version of every application in your device.

Each new version has certain features that include both security and interface which are addressed and updated.

5. Avoid using free, as well as over-the-air WiFi networks because these are considered not to be secured.

This networks could only put your device at risk of malware. It could only be possible through the use of the best VPN for android phones like FrootVPN or you can check out the Guidelines for a Secured Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection.

6. Never access your company’s corporate network on a free WiFi Hotspot.

It is more advisable to use a strong android phone VPN in accessing this files to ensure the security of your company’s corporate data.

7. Use a strong complex password for your device and your SIM card.

This can make your phone be hardly accessed especially when your device is lost or stolen.

8. Don’t ever attempt to “jailbreak” your device.

“Jailbreaking” is the process of removing the security limitations imposed by the operating system vendor, doing this would mean a full access to the operating system and features. It could also mean breaking the security model and allowing all apps even the malicious one to access your data.

9. Always keep your device’s operating system up to date.

It is considered one way to secure your device from potential threats. It is also good to search for mobile providers and handset manufacturers that are allowing such updates so that we can assure security in using the phone. And lastly,

10. Never click the links that are sent to your device.

These phishing emails could possibly put your device at risk.

Above all of this tips, It is very important to have the best phone VPN because following this 10 tips together with a trusted VPN for phones can ensure your phone will be malware free. Always take note of that 🙂


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