How FrootVPN Counters Netflix’s Blockage Crackdown

As Netflix continues to be globally in demand, more people are becoming tuned in to enjoy this website. It offers various movies to users located in such countries especially in the United States, but not all countries are served equally. That is why, many foreign subscribers of Netflix are bypassing the content of this restricted site in their home countries which can be greatly achieved through a VPN. However, these Private Networks might encounter new roadblocks because Netflix announced that they would increase their efforts in blocking such VPN users. As stated in TorrentFreak, there are several VPN providers who are already dealing with the issue and had promise to do their best to ensure that workarounds will remain available.

Netflix’s plan is considered as a wide cited example violation of net-neutrality principles. Through this connection blockage, we can clearly prove that this action is violating net-neutrality which states that every Internet service provider should treat all data on the Internet equally. Thus, every internet connection must not be intentionally banned.

It is becoming more difficult for most internet providers to battle against this blocking crackdown as the European Parliament unanimously agreed to amend some course on net neutrality legislation, that forbids discrimination on every Internet access but should allow prioritization of some websites that requires a high quality Internet access in order to function. Despite this alarming move from Netflix, we at FrootVPN still considered it as a manageable situation because we have our No NAT solution that ensures each user to get their own address which are not shared on a specific server. In that way, we can prevent such companies on blocking us.Therefore, we can say that FrootVPN is pretty safe regarding this VPN blockage.

Right now FrootVPN is working together with larger Internet Service Providers to circumvent this blockage issue. That‘s why, we can confidently say that there is nothing to worry about. Every users must not be threatened on this matter because Netflix is normally working on our VPN. Even if there are lots of controversies about VPN blockage crackdown that are coming along the way, we at FrootVPN continues to work hard in finding counter measurements to surpass this blockage so we want assure all of you that you can still enjoy Netflix using our best secure VPN service.



  • Moris

    Currently the canadian VPN does not seem to work with Netflix. The US and Swedish ones are fine, but I have been having issues with the Canadian one on OpenVPN Linux, and PPTP on Mac.

    • Hi Moris, We’re also quite disappointed w/ the move. Sadly, Netflix has the right to do this and counter every attempt. This attempt to block many legitimate VPNs affects home offices & such too, even the business subscribers of Fiberoptics.

      But of course, We’ll try our best to counter this, although we prefer to settle this in a more pleasant way rather than in an arms race.

      • Mazzif Fizzam

        Its not a show stopper for me, I still <3 FrootVPN. Still miss the good old days when I could view Netflix securely.

        • Hi Mazzif, we are very happy to hear your positive feed back. We really appreciate it, Thank you! We will do more and dedicate ourselves to provide you a much better service. Enjoy! 🙂

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  • Eliot

    Hi, I just tested Netflix USA being connected to your USA proxies and does not work. Netflix is banning any proxy connection right now.

    • Angelripper

      same thing is happening to me, it was working fine before but now it won’t.

      • Hi @eagamer80:disqus and @disqus_I6gAVZORQu:disqus, we apologize for any inconvenience in your part. Netflix blocks VPN traffic but we have some solution that is now under testing. We will surely let you know once we got some updates on it. Thanks a lot for sharing us your thoughts! Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions, ideas or concerns. Have a great day!