FrootVPN Helps Bypass ISP Throttling and Improve Privacy for Torrents

Are you an avid Torrent user? Like, a full-pledged Torrent user or client who spends most of his bandwidth on sharing and using BitTorrent platforms? Well, ever since this technology advanced, it has attracted thousands of users and there are already a million torrents being shared everyday. This phenomenon has created bandwidth issues as well as legal problems for ISPs, or Internet Service Providers, resorting to them limiting torrent activities through what they call “bandwidth throttling” or throttling internet speed.

Bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing of Internet service by an ISP, as a reactive measure employed in communication networks to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion.

When you use Torrent and have experienced issues with torrent downloads, such as seeing discrepancies between your normal browsing speed and your torrent download speeds, then you are likely experiencing what they call as “torrent speed throttling.” What ISPs do here is limiting your torrent traffic excluding your normal browsing speed. Since ISPs can basically see anything you do online, e.g. the sites you visit, eventually this can lead to them knowing your online behavior making a profile of your browsing behaviors and pattern. Through this they they can limit your speed for your web browsing activities.

ISPs do this to avoid sacrificing a lot of bandwidth in a short span of time, which could lead to damaging server downtime and outages, forcing them to invest in more resources that will surely result to higher operating costs.

However, there’s a way to bypass this speed throttling. ISPs can throttle your torrent traffic as long as they are able to see what you’re doing in the network. As long as your browsing traffic is visible to them, they will continue to limit your data usage, aside from some privacy issues along the way. To be able to bypass this and also maintain your privacy, you should use a high speed VPN service FrootVPN.

Using the best VPN service FrootVPN will help you mask your IP address, making you untraceable online especially away from your ISP. Through the VPN encryption, you can surf anonymously and enjoy your privacy with unlimited browsing speed. FrootVPN high speed VPN service allows Torrents and P2P for users to enjoy complete freedom when using the internet, without restrictions on internet speeds and avoiding torrent speed throttling, providing ultimate online privacy and security.

FrootVPN is the best high speed VPN as it also offers unlimited VPN speed and unlimited bandwidth for its users which is especially important for uninterrupted torrent downloads despite any existing internet connection speed.

Get FrootVPN on all of your devices, and before you use any BitTorrent platform make sure to connect to this high speed vpn service. From there you can do whatever you want at fastest internet speed, without worrying about cybersecurity threats. Get ultra fast torrent downloads when using the best high speed VPN service FrootVPN!