Equip your Android device with the best VPN Android FrootVPN

Think of it like this: your phone, which is more or less a smartphone running on any Android OS version (perhaps with the newest upgrade Android Marshmallow!), will probably be your best buddy when you hit off the road this holiday season. Did I hit the point?

On your much-awaited vacation, I know you’ve already prepared in advance the things you need, more so, the electronic devices and gadgets you’ll be needing to make the most of your trip. And the best thing you’ll be carrying is your Android, charger, and some power bank. I hope you’ll get the most out of your trip. But most of all, I hope you give your device that extra bit of privacy and security wherever you are. Equip it with the best VPN Android FrootVPN so that you’re always ready to be on-the-go.

Whether you got that old Jellybean, the better Lollipop, Kitkat, or even the newest Marshmallow version, the thing is, since you’ll be using your Android a lot, it is therefore the most susceptible to threats brought about when you connect to your hotel’s or fave coffee shop’s WiFi network. Hackers and cyber criminals will be most likely to snoop on your personal data, especially when you use insecure connections to access your mobile bank accounts, credit card accounts, and such.

But with using a VPN for your Android device, you will be ensured that an extra layer of privacy will be employed on your gadget, making it less vulnerable and your personal information less likely to be compromised.

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows users to connect to a private network when connecting to a public network like the Internet, making the connection more secure. When you use FrootVPN when you connect to the web from your android, your internet traffic will be encrypted, as well as any information that you send to the internet, therefore protecting your identity.

Using the best VPN Android will also let you access contents with geographic restrictions. So if you’re a loyal Netflix subscriber from US but you happen to get your vacation where US Netflix isn’t accessible, without a VPN even if you’re a paying customer you won’t be able to access your favorite site. But when you use a secure VPN service FrootVPN you’re sure to have a worthwhile fun and get the most out of your Netflix subscription because you may be able to watch it wherever you go.

FrootVPN offers dedicated high-speed VPN and unlimited bandwidth despite any existing internet connection speed. And it isn’t only the best VPN that you can use for your Android, but also the best VPN for any of your devices as it is compatible to all of it. So when you bring your laptop or tablet aside from your Android, you can be ensured that your other devices will also have complete privacy and security for your trip this holiday season.

You can choose whether to install the Internet protocols PPTP or L2TP for your Android device, with 2048-bit encryption and the freedom to choose what location you’d want to connect into. Whatever you want, be assured that FrootVPN’s best VPN Android will be your best buddy’s back up and support.