6 Tips in Maintaining a Secure Profile upon Travel

As you travel with your digital devices, it is a must to be careful with it especially for your data which may be compromised during the trip. So even if you aren’t going to a high-risk country, it is good to have a high travel security profile being constantly vigilant to understand the places and circumstances where you will be most at risk. But don’t worry because we’ll be giving some strategies which will help you to have a secure profile as you travel. They are as follows:

1. Switch Your Laptop

It will be best if you will just leave your usual work laptop at home instead of bringing it while you’re traveling. An alternative device that doesn’t have any user information on it is recommended. It could be a tablet or some other devices that has a limited personal data stored on it, especially when you’re heading to a high-risk location. If you need to bring your laptop, just limit the amount of the corporate, personal and confidential information that is on its hard drive. Make sure to clear your cookies and disable the auto login features of your browser and delete any software that isn’t going to be used for the trip.

2. Don’t Bring your Phone   

Most of us are bringing their phones with them, so if it will be a must for you to bring a phone on  your travel please have it turned off or you could consider purchasing an alternative phone with prepaid sim card which will only be used at the place of your destination. It is also a better idea to have it VPN secure.

3. Anticipate Your Authentication Woes

An enabled two-factor or multi-factor authentication for your key application must be reviewed. It will need for you to have a further checking and verification, if the service and the phone sends a one time password recovery message since that you will not be operating your phone on a home network as you travel but anyway, you may use a VPN security instead.

4. Think of your security before Reaching Your Destination

It is also important to have a protected network while traveling, so it will be best if you will use a full-disk encryption for your hard drive. Using some form of Mobile Device Management(MDM) software and more importantly, having the most secure vpn such as Frootvpn will help you to have a secure travel and can ensure you an anonymous web surfing, so it would be best to have a Secure VPN to have a full security of your profile while traveling.

5. Don’t Use Any Wi-Fi Networks

If possible, prevent yourself from using any public network, including those at local Internet cafes. Limit surfing and downloading on your laptop, have it tethered on your mobile phone and use a broadband phone data together with the best VPN for security.

6. Always Remain Alert

Bear in mind  that you will need to pay careful attention to your profile security upon traveling so always remember these simple strategies and most of all, never forget to have a secure VPN service  just like FrootVPN, a vpn security which could give you the confidence and joyful feeling when traveling.

Have a safe trip! 😉

Sources: securityintelligence