The Use of VPN Service Protects Freedom of Speech In The Internet

Despite the technological advancements of the modern world, freedom of speech and expression is still taken for granted. Several countries are enforcing specific laws for their citizens against their right to freedom of speech, which is specially important in this era of communication through social media and instant messaging. The use of VPN service or Virtual Private Network service when connecting to the internet can help users to surf anonymously and secure their web browsing activities while exercising their right.

In this era of constant cyber threats to internet security and privacy, VPNs are crucial tools for any internet user to access the web in a safe and secure way. A VPN is an advanced internet technology that reroutes normal web traffic through the service provider’s private servers and encryption protocols to make the flow of data untraceable and away from the prying eyes.

Freedom of speech and expression is a basic human right. And yet, in several countries, exercising this right can lead to jail time, public harassment, punishment, and worst, even a death sentence. Many among us may find it ridiculous  — that a simple tweet, a political view, or even a photo shared online can potentially end up the lives of the individuals concerned — but that is the truth.

Oppressive regimes such as China, North Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and countries of the Middle East such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, and the UAE are some of the countries wherein fighting against internet censorship can result to serious punishment.

However, in the countries like the US, UK, and Europe where there’s no boundaries on what you can do and say online, the extent of internet censorship falls largely to geographic blocking in their entertainment channels and websites, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Pandora, among others.

But online abuses weren’t only prevalent in the said regions. There have also been cases in Asia, Europe, and the America, where governments have interfered in personal freedom and liberty of speech by adopting censorship and internet monitoring technologies to prevent individuals from sharing information that can be damaging to their ruling policies.

The Internet, with the use of VPN service, are great help for individuals and groups of these oppressive regions to share their views and opinions with the outside world. VPN services have also helped them to communicate with individuals of other countries to ensure that they lead a better life without any political interference.

Once people connect to the internet through a VPN, their data will be encrypted and their browsing habits are hidden from the prying eyes of internet service providers and spying agencies. This helps secure access to online information.

VPN services have helped a large group of individuals and communities from across the globe to get in touch with the outside world to inform others about the notorious reality of secretive and oppressive regimes. Violations of basic human rights, curbing of freedom of speech, and other political and geographic issues were being brought to light due to the use of this technology. Using a VPN service has also gave way for internet users from these regions to voice their opinions, express opposing views and share images without worrying about the consequences that will be given by their government.

Likewise, VPN service providers should always ensure that their offers and services really live up to their promise of anonymous surfing and securing individual’s web browsing activities to protect their online privacy and freedom of speech. VPN services are very crucial, and so they have to be very reliable, secure, but also convenient.

Even though some governments and agencies are making ways to block the use of VPN and other privacy tools, as long as there is access to the internet, citizens can find ways to circumvent censorship and access VPN. Therefore, residents of those countries should use a best secure and encrypted VPN service with no logging of their activities to ensure  that their web traffic and usage are hidden and won’t get into the data retention scheme of their regions.

VPN service providers and companies should also look for ways to expand their services to be able to provide the best VPN services to those who greatly depend on them, especially since lives are at stake and individuals’ freedom can be compromised with this internet censorship at large.

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